The Post-COVID Core Outcome Set (PC-COS) Project
PC-COS Project Stage 2:
How to measure?

Recently, PC-COS Project Stage 1 ('What' to measure) has been completed and resulted in production of Core Outcome Set for Long-Covid/Post-Covid Condition consisting of the most important (core) outcomes

The next stage, Stage 2, aims to gather various stakeholders again, now to decide on the most important Outcome Measurement Instruments (OMIs) that should be used to evaluate the core outcomes

We invite people from the following groups to join our project and share their opinions through a series of surveys

  • people with living experience of Long-Covid and their carers
  • researchers working in a field of Long-Covid
  • health professionals working with Long-Covid patients
  • policymakers
  • other stakeholders*

*(please specify your role and your experience with Long-Covid in your application)


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PC-COS Stage 2: 'How' to measure.

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